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Policy Type
Countries & States

Permissive (e.g., SCNT is specifically permitted under certain conditions)

Permissive Compromise (e.g., SCNT is prohibited; hESC research using supernumerary IVF embryos is specifically permitted or not prohibited)

Restrictive Compromise (e.g., hESC research only permitted using cell lines created before a certain date)

Oklahoma (US)

Prohibitive (e.g., research using embryos or cell products derived from embryos is prohibited)
¤ Missouri is presented as green with white stripes: The Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative contains language that is very supportive of stem cell research, and while it  prohibits human reproductive cloning and fertilization solely for the purposes of research, but allows researchers to conduct any research permitted under federal law.  U.S. Federal law does not currently prohibit SCNT.
°We have based our categorizations of this country on national policies extending a right to life to conceived or unborn persons. In the absence of specific exceptions, it is unclear whether the constitutional language would prohibit the destruction of embryos for any purpose, including research.